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About Mimi 

In her professional life, Mimi has practiced commercial real estate law, taught high school English, tutored middle school and high school students in writing, and worked with numerous students on interview skills, resume-building, and college applications. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a BA in English and Art History.  She earned her JD from The University of Chicago Law School.  Her children attend(ed) Harvard University, Williams College, and Cornell University.

How her experience can help you:

Mimi consults with students in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade, advising them on academic choices, extracurriculars, and summer activities. ​Starting junior year, Mimi works with each student to identify schools that would be a good match academically, socially, geographically, and financially.  Over the summer and throughout senior year, she supports her students as they complete their applications and, later, evaluate options.  As a former lawyer and English teacher, Mimi possesses strong research and analytical skills that allow her to provide personalized and effective support for her clients.  She is an experienced writer and editor, and she particularly enjoys working with students as they brainstorm meaningful essay topics and work through revisions.  

Many students with whom Mimi has worked have gained admission to Ivy League and other highly selective schools.  However, she recognizes that those schools may not be appropriate for every student, and she focuses on finding the best fit for each individual. Mimi also has experience working with student-athletes who have been recruited to Division 1 and Division 3 schools.